Indirect File Leaks in Mobile Applications

This page lists the supplementary materials for our following MoST'15 paper:

Still under construction... We appreciate your patience for the full report. :)

1. IFL (indirect file leak) attacks:

2. Our Contributions:

3. sopIFL attacks:

  • Two SOP (same-origin policy) weaknesses in the iOS web engine (see our report, to be annouced).
  • Evernote's sopIFL vulnerability: (acknowledged by Evernote security hall of fame)
  • Mail.Ru's sopIFL vulnerability: (acknowledged by Mail.Ru security bug bounty)
  • QQ's sopIFL vulnerability: (the raw report in Chinese)
  • 4. aimIFL attacks:

  • Apps vulnerable to the aimIFL attacks:
  • An example of aimIFL-1 vulnerability (in the On The Road travel app):
  • Baidu Browser's aimIFL-1 vulnerability (acknowledged as the most valuable Baidu vuln. report of the second quarter of 2014):
  • Qihoo 360 Mobile Safe's aimIFL-1 vulnerability (acknowledged with the highest award in Qihoo 360's mobile bug bounty program history):
  • The aimIFL-2 attack on Android:
  • The aimIFL-2 attack on iOS:
  • 5. cmdIFL attacks:

  • We reported an cmdIFL issue in the popular open-source Terminal Emulator app (issue #374), see here and here.
  • 6. serverIFL attacks: